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Keeping bees first and foremost teaches calm. Sitting and watching them, you learn to listen to your bees. With inevitable gains and losses every day, you learn to live in the moment. The bees and I are honored to share this beautiful local resource. Honey from Marie’s Bees can be purchased in Bellingham and online.

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No really, it's raw PNW honey

Every honey is as unique as wine. Each month our little pollinators fly out into the fields and forests, collecting pollen from a wide range of seasonal plants. This variety changes the flavor and color of the honey they produce. Because the honey is made from local pollens, consuming locally-produced honey can help alleviate seasonal allergies. Cottonwood allergies plague so many of our friends and family, especially in May and June. Adding local honey during cottonwood season could help reduce your allergy symptoms tremendously.

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Learning to love the bees

"Thank you for your Bee Talk"

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation to our troop. The kids loved recreating hive interactions and playing the parts of different bees. The activity, complete with props and beekeeping suits was perfectly suited to capture the imaginations of our scouts. Age-appropriate, funny and enjoyed by all, even the parents.

We appreciate your willingness to share your experience with the group. It was exactly what we hoped for and I know will stay in our scouts memories for a very long time.

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