What we do.
Honey bees are declining at a rapid pace in the US. Currently bees have a 40% chance of surviving a winter due to unknown circumstances according to current global statistics. Losing one of our top pollinators will drastically affect our food supply and botany as we know it. A recent study from the University of Sussex shows 90% of a bee’s diet comes from trees, illustrating that what we thought we knew is actually different. How can you help?

Our hive rental program helps to build and educate. Bees are threatened by a variety of problems. With your annual rental fee of $350 per hive we will provide the hive box(es) and all maintenance. You will receive the world’s great bee pollinators on your property, bee knowledge and an 8 oz. jar of honey at each successful pull.  Research will be gathered from these hives and shared with university partners to help bring additional information to the forefront of saving the bees.

A great gardener once said, “Treat education like a hot potato” and we absolutely intend to. We welcome you to learn with us. 

We pride ourselves on our  raw honey. Our honey is single hive and single batch. This means we never mix or thin our honey.  We do not use any  pesticides  of any kind. Our honey is pulled May-October. Each batch is completely unique and cannot be replicated. 

Buy Beekeeping equipment from us.  Order now for Spring! 

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