Woodsmans Wax-Lavendar Salve


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Woodman’s Wax Lavender Salve – 4oz Screw-Top Tin: The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Salve

Discover the versatile magic of Woodman’s Wax Lavender Salve, thoughtfully crafted with Organic Coconut Oil, Beeswax, and Lavender Oil. This 4oz screw-top tin holds a natural treasure that can be used in countless ways.

Why Choose Woodman’s Wax Lavender Salve?

Pure, Natural Ingredients: Our salve is made with care, using organic coconut oil, beeswax, and the soothing essence of lavender oil.
Multi-Purpose Wonder: From head to toe, this salve has you covered. It’s an exceptional chapstick, leaving your lips soft and hydrated.
Aromatic Bliss: Revel in the delightful lavender aroma that accompanies each application.
Natural and Versatile: Not just for skin, this salve works wonders as a leather and furniture polish, adding a protective luster. It’s also a trusted ally for revitalizing your gardening tools, making it a gardener’s favorite.
Experience the Natural Difference:

Woodman’s Wax Lavender Salve is a testament to the power of natural ingredients.
Free from artificial additives and cruelty-free.
Transform your daily routine with the multi-purpose excellence of Woodman’s Wax Lavender Salve. Order your 4oz screw-top tin today and unlock its endless possibilities.

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