Woodsman’s Wax-Citronella Salve


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Woodsman’s Wax-Citronella Salve – 4oz Screw-Top Tin: Your Ultimate Waterproofing and Bug-Repelling Salve

Introducing Woodsman’s Wax-Citronella Salve, a meticulously crafted blend of Alluvial Farms Lard, Beeswax, and the unique addition of Citronella. This 4oz screw-top tin is your quintessential outdoor companion, addressing a range of needs, with a dual focus on waterproofing and bug deterrence.

Why Choose Our Citronella Salve for Waterproofing and Bug Repelling?

Natural Ingredients: Made from pure, natural components, including Alluvial Farms Lard and Beeswax, ensuring top-tier quality.
Versatile Waterproofing: Woodsman’s Wax-Citronella excels at waterproofing work boots, preserving wax canvas gear, and prolonging the life of your leather items.
Effective Bug Deterrence: Keep pesky bugs at bay with the added power of Citronella, making it an essential outdoor companion.
Multi-Purpose Marvel: Beyond waterproofing and bug deterrence, it’s your go-to for soothing rough hands and feet, and revitalizing wooden-handled tools.
Eco-Friendly Assurance: Our salve is free from artificial additives, offering a natural and eco-conscious solution.
Experience the Natural Difference:

A must-have for outdoor enthusiasts, craftsmen, and anyone seeking a reliable all-in-one salve solution.
Elevate your outdoor experience and craftsmanship with Woodsman’s Wax-Citronella Salve.
Choose the ultimate solution for waterproofing and bug deterrence for your outdoor gear. Order your 4oz screw-top tin today and unlock its boundless potential.

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