Raw Honey – Cheese Companion


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2 fl. oz (59ml)

Wonderful as party favors, stocking stuffers, or any occasion where a little sweetness goes a long way. But no worries, every tiny jar is packed with pure Pacific Northwest goodness. Created in the beautiful summer fields and forests of Washington State, every batch is sustainably harvested, hand-poured, and exceptionally delicious. If a typical busy bee can create a tablespoon of epic sweetness in her lifespan, this little jar represents the life’s work of three pollinators who clearly took their mission VERY seriously. In these small samples, you can watch the colors of the Northwest seasons change from the light, buttery sweetness of spring tulips, daffodils, and plum blossoms to the rich summer glow of roses, snapdragons, and raspberry blooms. Small but still mighty, these little jewels still represent. Every jar is a new Northwest taste adventure!

Marie’s Bees honey, pure, raw Pacific Northwest goodness, uncut, unfiltered, delivered directly to your door.

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