Various BBQ Sauce Recipes

Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce

There must be a million ways to make BBQ sauce. There is a basic base which then can elaborate on in pretty much any direction; hot, sweet, vingery (is that a word?) anyway. Here is the base and a few examples of different ways to go. 

In a medium saucepan over low heat. 

Ingredients list for the base:

1 large #10 can of tomato sauce

Liquid Smoke




1 minced white onion

brown mustard

Garlic salt



minced jalapeños 



tad of honey


1/8 cup Molasses 

1/2 cup Oxymel

1 minced while onion

garlic salt

Odd and yummy:

1 Roasted peach chopped seed removed

2 Roasted onions peeled and chopped

3 Roasted jalapeños deveined and seeded

Once roasted place them all in the blender for a good whirl or two then pour into the pan

1/8 cup molasses

extra liquid smoke

1 tblspdijon mustard

3 cloves of minced garlic

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